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Domino Effect of Unemployment

Mega engineering projects in the middle east have been stuck. Consequently, our remittance fighters are in great depression because of this pandemic. Let's talk about the past and possible inflow of migrant deportation in Bangladesh:
From January till Mid-March ➡ 6.6 Lakh

Possible stay back till September ➡ 4.5 Lakh

Total Undocumented Workers ➡ Approx 2 Lakhs

In Saudi Arabi, among 20lakh Bangladeshi migrant 50% could loose jobs, so considering them ➡ 10 Lakhs

Workers supposed to be sent by September ➡ 4.5 Lakh

In total, more than 27 Lakh people were supposed to work overseas and send remittance to this country but now we may (may it not happen) have to feed them with our own money because of present and post effects of this pandemic.
The government is trying to make compromisation with host countries but the situation is tough. After the 1971 liberation war, we had options to send our people to those countries and save our economy. Now, nearly every country is worrying about its own future. So, the only way left is to share our own resources with these people.




Created: May 13, 2020 Last updated May 13, 2020